Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Black Lung

32"x48" oil and acrylic on stretched canvas. I finished the painting last night. So for this work like the last, I did not use a source. I just painted what I wanted from my mind. The subject of this painting started as a self portrait. Once I started the painting with the idea, I just allowed the painting to paint itself. As in I let it tell me what needed to be next. It is the same as when you are composing music, once you have the feeling and key, the song calls for the following notes. So if you look at the painting, you can see 2 faces which expresses how a person has changes in mood, feelings, personality. In this case this would be myself. I also smoke a lot of cigarettes and try not to think about it but am haunted by the thought of how black my lungs are. I will leave it at that as this piece should call for each individuals personal interpretation.

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